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Our founder Fernando Rego Sr, developed a revolutionary measuring device that measures more accurately and takes less time than traditional measuring.

Our Process

At Rego Bespoke, luxury menswear is more than just the clothes you wear - it's about expressing your unique style and personality.

That's why we offer an experience tailored to your individual needs with the help of our patented measuring device - The Fitter™

Fabric Selection
& Design

After capturing your measurements, we will discuss the specific garments you desire. Whether for business or a wedding, we will take the time to understand your needs for these items.

From selecting the fabrics to curating the perfect design elements, we will guide you through every step and detail, ensuring that your finished garment reflects your individuality.

Garments take 3-5 weeks to be crafted.

Try-On & Take Home

Upon receiving your garment, we will then reach out to you to come try on your new attire.

In most cases, customers are able to take their garments home after the initial fitting. However, should any adjustments be required, our skilled on-site tailor will ensure that they are made to perfection.

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Private Label Fabrics

Here are three of our Private Label Fabrics which range of materials. Whether you are making a Shirt, Suit, or Casual Jacket, we have the fabric you are looking for!

Sienna Exclusives 1
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European Classics
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Our Home

Rego Bespoke embodies the finest tailoring in Toronto and nurtures a community and family atmosphere. Beyond the impeccably crafted garments, Rego embraces clients as part of their extended family.

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