Inventor Of "The Fitter"

Our founder developed a revolutionary automated measuring machine that measures more accurately and takes less time than traditional measuring.

We hope to see you in stores and get fitted for your next suit!

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How It Works

1. Book an appointment - schedule a private consultation with us in-store or at your home.

2. First fitting - try on your custom garments to ensure a perfect fit.

3. Second fitting - minor adjustments to perfect your fit. 

4. Next steps - drop by to pick up your custom tailored clothing or have it delivered to you!

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Shirts For Formal & Casual

A perfect fit shouldn’t just be limited to a jacket. With Rego Bespoke’s Made to Measure program, you can customize your dress shirt for a look that’s truly unique. Choose from hundreds of fine fabrics, color and pattern combinations. Add your choice of cuff, collar, placket or pocket options. Finish off with a monogram for a truly custom look.

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Suits, Sport Coats, Overcoats & Trousers.

To ensure a perfect fit from head-to-toe, our comprehensive Made to Measure program features fully measured suits, jackets, trousers and coats. Additionally, Made to Measure allows you to choose from countless design options, and 100+ luxurious Italian and British fabrics.

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