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Allen Edmonds


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Purposefully designed dress boots to conquer the elements. These boots feature a premium leather built on a proprietary 360° Bench Welt™ construction for the ultimate in durability and stability. Together with a double leather sole and CustomCork™ insole, there’s no compromise on comfort all while providing a great style and custom fit.


If you’d like to order a wider or narrow fit, or looking for a different colour or style, please give us a call. We're here to help!

Call us at + 1 416 366 7346


Customer Reviews

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Dalton shell cordovan burgundy

I bought my Dalton shell cordovan boots in 2014 and I’ve been really, really happy with them. The shell cordovan still looks gorgeous. They run slightly narrow so I suggest going one width wider than your normal Brannock size, but stick to your same Brannock length. Some people have recommended going up two or more sizes wider but I would disagree with going that much wider. The reason is because even though they run slightly narrow, they have a roomy vamp area which means that they have some extra leather to stretch out over time, so I think they will run too wide if you size up too much in width initially. So, size up only one width size and give them time to settle in. By the way I own Alden shoes and boots in shell cordovan as well, and in my opinion my Allen Edmond shells (Dalton, Leeds, Higgins Mill, etc.) and Aldens shells are equals in terms of quality.

Very well made.

My husband has worn Allen Edmonds for the past forty years. They are comfortable, practical and beautiful at the same time. My husband gets many complements on his shoes reguraly. My only complaint is being double billed when ordering from the company.

Good pair of boots.

They are great and well made. The only thing with I was not happy was the finish... I putted 3 hours of hard work to get them the way I like.

Ups and downs but overall, VERY PLEASED!

I am an assistant manager at a retail suit shop and am on my feet all day. Therefore, I need shoes that will hold up and withstand the elements the Colorado winter can bring. I felt like the Oxblood Dalton would be the perfect match.

After a bit of the run around with customer service and UPS my boots finally arrived! I was really pleased with the color and quality. I laced them up immediately! *squeak* Then I went to work. *squeak squeak* I walked around for HOURS squeaking...LOUD! It sounded like I had cheap, plastic shoes on. I wasn't happy. When I got home I put some saddle soap on the tongue and near the eyelets and poof! Squeaking was gone!

For me, these shoes have taken some breaking in. They were NOT comfortable right off the bat. Which is fine because I know Allen Edmonds take a little time to mold to your foot. But I've slowly worn them in and they are almost ready for all day wear.

I've noticed some scuffs on the toes which I'm not happy about either, but because of my job I realize that scuffs are inevitable. However, after applying Allen Edmonds Premium Shoe Polish the scuffs are still there and actually looks like the top coat of color is scratched off of the shoes. I'm not sure if that's normal but it's not buffing out and I'd like to know if there's something I can do to fix that or if it's a defect.

In short:
2) They take time to break in and are built for narrow feet.
3) Scuffs on toes may not come out.

Phenomenal fit and finish

These are the comfiest dress shoes/boots I have ever owned and/or worn. I wore these on my wedding day and I don’t regret choosing these boots for that amazing day. The quality and finish were to be expected considering the price tag but nonetheless these are well crafted and worth every penny. The fit- I was nervous as I didn’t have much time to get my shoes for the day and when I ordered these I had to go for the standard width. I don’t have a necessarily wide foot but I originally wanted to go one size wider than standard width but due to time constraints I couldn’t take the chance of hoping they’d arrive in time. Upon arrival of the boots I laced them up and tried them on with my dress socks and was pleasantly surprised at how they fit. After wearing these boots for well over 9 hours on my wedding day, I can easily say these were not only the comfiest boot I’ve ever worn but also pleasantly surprised at the lack of break in time. These boots required none. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear someone wore these for a week straight breaking them in before they arrived to me but obviously that’s not the case considering how beautifully clean and unscathed every inch of the boots were. Highly recommended if you’re looking for quality through and through as well as a splash of real class adding that bit of pizazz to any outfit.