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Allen Edmonds


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Guaranteed to make an impression, this cap-toe balmoral from Allen Edmonds combines a classic silhouette with unsurpassed craftsmanship to convey the serious presence necessary for anyone who leads by example and ensures the Park Avenue will perfectly suit all the important moments in your life.


If you’d like to order a wider or narrow fit, or looking for a different colour or style, please give us a call. We're here to help!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great dress shoe

I have purchased numerous pairs of AE shoes during the past 25 years. I am on my feet a lot, and at 6’6” and 280lbs, the AE shoes provide support that I have not found in other dress shoes.

Converted Italian

I am Italian... I mean Italian from Italy, born and raised in Rome; and being Italian I confess that I grew up with the typical "snobby" attitude towards American-made garments, shoes in particular.
I moved to the United States in 2004, at age 34, and promised myself that I was never going to "fall into the trap".
I always blindly believed that Italian shoes were the best in the world and was determined to keep things that way.
Then, one day, in 2009 after 39 years of life, and 5 years militant stubbornness against U.S. made shoes, I decided to give it a shot and purchased my first pair of Allen Edmonds, the Delray... well, let me tell you, it was love at first sight!
In the last 3 years I purchased many Allen Edmonds models including the Park Avenue that I'm reviewing here and ended up becoming an Allen Edmonds fundamentalist: I still have the Delray of course, but also two pairs of Park Avenue, Walton, Westchester, La Salle, Flatiron, Fairfax, Clifton and a pair of Randolph in Cordovan.
They all fit like a glove and, as far as I'm concerned, with the exception of the Walton (which is a little "bulkier" than the others) they all have virtually zero break-in time. They are - by far - the best shoes on the market, both in terms of style, and most importantly in terms of quality.
The Park Avenue feels like a bespoke, custom-made, shoe; it literally feels as if it was made around my foot.
Most importantly, I developed some sort of pride in wearing these fine American shoes: I believe that Allen Edmonds, one of the very few American companies that resisted the temptation of moving production in Asia, is what every American Company should be, it's the epitome of the American spirit and way of life: hard work, excellent products, tradition, patriotism and pride.


What else is there to say? It’s a classic for a reason! AE always follows through and maintains the quality of these timeless pair of shoes

Love the comfort and look!

This shoe fits great although they took a little breaking in the feel is fantastic once you were them for a bit. What’s with the shoe stings being that short though a couple of extra inches would be nice considering the price. They barely this into a bow.

Exactly what I needed

I recently bought these shoes because my cheap temporary dress shoes were starting to break apart. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase these shoes. As soon as I took them out of the box, I was impressed beyond all expectations. It took a couple of days to break them in, but now they are the most comfortable pair of dress shoes I have worn. The shoes feel great and have an overall quality that will last for several years.