EST. 1986

Our Founder Fernando Rego Senior measuring a client in 1987.

Fernando Rego Sr. hails from humble beginnings in the Portuguese islands of Azores. Through dedication and hard-work, he immigrated to Toronto in the 70's and slowly built a suit empire behind his legacy.

He preaches his gospel of "Nothing is impossible if you want it enough" having beaten leuokemia and enduring multiple financial recessions throughout the 20th century - Rego Bespoke carries on the tradition of focusing on quality and customer satisfaction through Fernando Rego Sr's legacy.

In 1986 Fernando Sr. opened the store with his two sons, Fernando Jr & Paul. Through Fernando Sr.'s successors, they have made Rego Bespoke become a house made brand, known throughout Canada.

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"Take advantage of my life's lessons and better yourself. I went from bare feet to Allen Edmonds shoes, from tags to Brioni clothing, from grade three to clothier, inventor and author. Everyone knows that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away BUT who does it?"

- Fernando Rego Sr.

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